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NOW Cap.M.Quik Capsule Filler

by NOW

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NOW Cap.M.Quik Capsule Filler Details

Make 50 capsules in just minutes with the Cap-M-Quik capsule-filling machine.

With Cap-M-Quik, it's easy to turn powders into easy-to-swallow capsules. Fill your capsules with any powdered herbs, food supplements, vitamins, or your own custom formulas.  This is an economical and convenient way to take strong-tasting herbs and avoid binders and fillers that are commonly added to store-bought herbs.


Can the capsule filling device be used for different size capsules?

No. Each capsule filler is specific to its capsule. For instance, a size '00' filler will only fit size '00' capsules and a size '0' will only work with '0' capsules.

How long does it take to fill 50 capsules?

Less than 7 minutes with a little practice using the filler. Challenge yourself!

What is the plastic capsule filler made of?

The Cap-M-Quik device is made of a very high strength FDA-approved styrene plastic.

Is the filling machine dishwasher safe?

The styrene capsule filler will melt in extremely hot dishwasher cycles, especially if your dishwasher has internal water heating components - even on the top shelf.  Your capsule filler, accessories and parts should be hand-washed in sudsy warm water.  A small brush might be helpful in cleaning inside the holes.

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