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Earn up to 4 Free Samples On Your Next Order!

(Note: To receive the free samples you MUST add them to your shopping cart to receive them in your order)

How it works:

$150 or more - 1 Free Samples
$250 or more - 2 Free Samples
$350 or more - 3 Free Samples
$500 or more - 4 Free Samples


How to receive your free samples:

1. Shop and add the desired items to your shopping cart
2. Once you have made your selections view the avaialble samples HERE
3. Choose the samples you want to try and add them one at a time to your shopping cart
4. They will show up in your shopping cart absolutely FREE! (Based on the limits in the tables above)*
5. Feel free to mix and match flavours and any samples you wish!

*All quantities of samples selected over the amounts listed above will be at listed prices
** If certain quantities of samples run out we may substitute for similar samples, but will definitely do our best not to if we don't have to

Click this link to see a list of what you can get in free supplement samples

Tip: Add the samples to your cart one at a time makes the sample selector work better

Why give away free samples?

1. We know the easiest way to try new products is samples
2. We know the cheapest way to try new products is samples
3. We are in the mood to give away a ton of samples
4. We know you LOVE samples and when they are free we know you love them even more! lol

See how the Free Sample Selector works in action here:

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