Homeocan Kids 0-9 MultiVitamins Gummies, 50 Gummies

by Homeocan

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Kids 0-9 Multi Vitamin gummies in great blueberry flavor.50 gummies for 50 days.Gelatin , dairy And gluten free
Additional Ingredients
Medicinal ingredients : Biotin,Folate,Niacinamide,Panthotenic Acid,Riboflavin,Selenium,,Thiamine,Vitamin A 120 mcg., Vitamin B12 0.375 mcg , Vitamin B6 0,21 mg Vitamin C 12.0 mg , Vitamin E 1.8 mg Vitamin K 11,25 mcg , Zinc 1.5 mg NON MEDICINAL : Concentrated lemon juice,Elderberry juice concentrate,flavor,pectin,sugarcane juice,water,glucose syrup
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