health canada voluntary enzyme recall

Health Canada Voluntary Enzyme Recall for Renew Life and Vega

November 2, 2013

Please be advised that a voluntary recall has been issued for enzyme products from a couple brands that we carry. Specific lots of RenewLife and Vega have been identified as potentially being contaminated with Chloramphenicol (CAP), which can pose certain risks, and as a result these lots are subject to a voluntary recall by Health Canada. Renew life has chosen to fully recall all of the product that may be at risk and as a result we have pulled those lots from our shelves.

At this time Vega has assured us that there is not a sufficient amount of the contaminant in question cause any adverse reactions, and as a result has recalled no product. They have performed a great deal of in-depth research into the contamination and have issued a statement about their choice to not pull any affected product, please click here to read their statement, which includes a video from Founder and President Charles Chang that we highly suggest watching. Please note that Renew Life is an enzyme manufacturing companies and as a result is considered a higher risk product than those produced by Vega.

For a list of affected lots for the recalled product for Renew Life please click here to visit Health Canada’s recall notice. For the Vega lot codes that are potentially affected please click here. Please note that this is a voluntary recall on behalf of Health Canada. If you believe you are in possession of contaminated product, please click here to CONTACT US and we can set up a full refund. We have pulled affected Renew Life products from our shelves, but with assurances from Vega have chosen to keep their product in stock and available to purchase. Nevertheless we will be accepting returns of any Vega product on the lot code list.

Yours in good health,

Team Vitamart



November 4, 2013

Answers to some Frequently Asked Vega Questions Not Covered on Vega's Website

1. How is Vega changing their formulas so there is no Chloramphenicol in it ever again?

The issue isn't with the formula's. The issue is with the raw ingredients that Vega and those other companies affected used for the enzymes in their products. The one and only change that these healtlth product manufacturers need to and are making is to never use the enzymes that are at risk to have Chloramphenicol in them. Vega assured us that they have fixed the issue where they source their enzymes from and that this will never happen again.

2. What is being done to verify that there is no Chloramphenicol in future batches of Vega products?

Vega already does quality control testing on their products and they have now included Chloramphenicol testing in all products. Again to ensure that something like this never happens again.

3. Is it safe to order Vega products going forward?

At we pulled all the lots of Vega product that have any potential of having Chloramphenicol in them. Vega has said that all product that is being shipped out to us starting today contains absolutely no Chloramphenicol. So going forward any Vega product you buy from will not be one of the batches that could potentially have Chloramphenicol in them.

4. If I was looking to switch to something other than Vega One for a vegan meal replacement what should I try?

In our opinion one of the best vegan all in one proteins on the market is Progressive VegEssential All In One. It has almost twice the amount of protein per serving and three times the amount of veggies in it. Here is the link:



November 7, 2013

Vega as created a website to answer any and all questions you may have regarding this voluntary recall. We urge you to review it thoroughly if you have any questions regarding this matter. 

We also would like to still point out that 100% of the Vega products we are selling on are 100% free of the CAP ingredient and we have pulled all potentially tainted lots from our warehouse shelves. If you have any further questions on this please let us know as we are happy to to help! :)