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Boost your child’s nutritional intake with fermented organic gut superfoods+ kids

Healthy dietary patterns are associated with good academic performance, mental health, stress resiliency and later-life health. Yet only 10% of Canadian grade 6-12 children meet recommendations for fruit and vegetable intake—and they aren’t meeting their daily fibre intake, either! fermented organic gut superfoods+ kids boosts your child’s nutritional intake with 22 organic, whole food, polyphenol-rich ingredients and prebiotics in every scoop, with a yummy grape flavour they’ll love.

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Build your child’s healthy gut flora with advanced gut health probiotic kids

A healthy gut microbiome plays an essential role in developing a strong immune system, and early life is critical to shaping a child’s microbiome—but many children get their “probiotics” from sugar-loaded yogurt! advanced gut health probiotic kids builds a child’s healthy gut flora with 5 billion CFU from 7 balanced strains to specifically support their health, with one yummy lemonade chewable per day.

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Balance your child’s omega-3s with omega3 kids +D3

EPA and DHA from fish are key nutrients in your child’s brain development, yet up to 84% of children consume less than one serving of fish/seafood per week! Plus, children up to the age of 8 spend more than 2 hours looking at screens every day, which can affect eye and brain health. omega3 kids +D3 balances your child’s omega-3s with 718.2 mg of EPA and 448.9 mg of DHA per serving PLUS vitamin D3 for the healthy development of brain, eyes and nerves and lutein to help counteract the effect of blue light on the brain and eyes, with one yummy cherry-flavoured serving per day.

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Made for Your Little Ones

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  • Science-based

    Formulated to help your children thrive, because it’s based on the latest research on children’s health.

  • Made from wholesome ingredients

    We source the very best ingredients, like USDA organic superfood fruits and veggies, triple-cleaned probiotic strains, and fish oils from wild and sustainable sources.

  • Free from nasty stuff

    You won’t find any added sugar, artificial colours, flavours or GMO ingredients in any of our products

  • Made in Canada

    We source the freshest, most effective ingredients from around the world, but all our products are made here right in Canada.