Environmental Practices

Environmental Practices

At Vitamart.ca we strive to do what we can to conserve the immediate and extended environment around us. This ranges from making sure that our energy comes completely from a renewable resource, using energy efficient light-bulbs throughout our warehouse, and recycling our waste on a regular basis.  In evaluating our waste, we realized that 90% of our waste is boxes and the packaging that comes in the boxes.  We get boxes for everything and we get a lot of them.  To combat this we have our cardboard and plastic recycling picked up once a week.

We also do our absolute best to ensure we are shipping as close to 100% of our box sized orders in re-used boxes. Being that we come across so many types of boxes and would always rather reuse a box then have it sent to recycling, you may see your order come in a variety of different boxes. This packaging, although not the prettiest, truly represents what we stand for and strive for. A true recycled box program and thus ensuring we can offer our customers the absolute lowest costs.

So if you get a box, and it looks like it has been used and abused (although we put the bad boxes in the recycling bin) or it is from a totally different industry, please know that we are doing this because we care about you.  We care about the future of this world, and believe that the less energy we use now, the more we have to use later.

Thank you so much for your support!


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