Discover The New Chapter Fish Oil Difference


The New Chapter Difference: Wholemega Fish Oil


A New Chapter in Fish Oil

New Chapter® is proud to offer a whole omega fish oil that is an alternative to the fractionated, high-heat purified oils on the market today. From the pristine waters of Alaska directly to you, Wholemega contains 100% wild-caught salmon oil—delivering the whole profile of vital fatty acids and beneficial nutrients found naturally in Wild Alaskan Salmon. 

The Difference is Clear™

The dull, yellow color and watery texture of purified fish oil capsules are symbolic of highly processed products. This heavy distillation can fractionate, isolate, and reduce beneficial compounds that give fish oil its naturally vibrant color and clarity.

Wholemega is different. The extra-virgin process used to extract Wholemega, similar to that used in fine olive oil, delivers an oil that is striking in colour and transparency. This gentle, food-grade process preserves numerous beneficial compounds—including Vitamin D3 and Astaxanthin. In fact, the brilliant hue in Wholemega comes from Astaxanthin, an antioxidant that is naturally found in Wild Salmon and in this extra-virgin fish oil. 

Extra-Virgin and Sustainable

Our salmon is sourced via sustainable fishing practices. New Chapter®’s Wholemega contains extra-virgin oil pressed from Wild Salmon already caught to sell in fine retail stores and restaurants. By utilizing the nutritious trim instead of discarding it, our whole fish oil helps efficiently use more of the precious salmon. Not one additional fish needs to be caught for our product.