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    Michelle Garraway   Reviewer Rank #204

  • Product Name: Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer

    9.8/10 Actually works!

    Effectiveness: 10/10

    (+) Boosts Energy,Convenient,Easy To Take,First Dose Results

    How did you use it?: Before Exercise,During Exercise

    "Used this last night for the first time. Did an hour of muay thai hitting pads and the heavy bag, then took the pre-workout energizer, moved on to sparring for 12 rounds and did some rolling afterwards. Was not gassed at all by the end (almost 3 hours), the boost was SUBSTANTIAL. Not sure what kind of sorcery is in this product, but it works."

    Would you buy this product again? Yes

    Flavours Rating
    Lemon Lime   8

  • Product Name: Vega One All-in-One Shake

    9.6/10 Love the product, hate the price

    Effectiveness: 10/10

    (+) Boosts Energy,Convenient,Easy To Take,First Dose Results,Tastes Great,Vegan, great nutritional profile

    How did you use it?: Everyday,Between Meals,Every Morning

    "I started using this as a meal replacement in the mornings when I was cutting weight. I LOVE it and cannot say enough about it. I actually look forward to drinking it in the mornings. The flavors are fantastic, I've tried Vanilla Chai and Chocolate, both are great. The Chocolate was actually a little too rich for me in the mornings, genuinely tasted like a chocolate milkshake. I mix with only water in my shaker cup.
    I 100% felt an energy boost every day after drinking it, the difference was immediate and noticeable. On top of that I stayed full for hours afterwards. The only downside is the price, it's about a quarter of my grocery budget for the month, so definitely not on the cost effective side. That being said, I have tried two other brands so far and haven't been as wowed, so I will continue to buy Vega unless/until something else comes along."

    Would you buy this product again? Yes

    Flavours Rating
    Chocolate   10
    Vanilla Chai   10

  • Product Name: Progressive VegeGreens Vegan Protein (50% Off! Exp 9/20)

    5.2/10 Can't get over the taste

    Effectiveness: 5/10

    (+) Great nutritional profile
    (-)  Mixes Poorly,Tastes Bad

    How did you use it?: Every Morning

    "This product is filled with everything I would want in a vegan protein and greens blend, but the taste is just SO bad - cauliflower and parsley - that I can't do it. It also doesn't mix very well, looks like the algae is all stuck to my shaker ball. Sorry VegeGreens, work on the flavor and I would buy it."

    Would you buy this product again? No

    Flavours Rating
    Natural Vanilla   1