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       Reviewer Rank #729

  • Product Name: Cellucor C4, Pre-Workout, Explosive Energy

    1.3/10 Bad batch

    Effectiveness: 1/10

    (-)  Gave Me An Upset Stomach,Mixes Poorly,Not Effective,Too much food colouring and stained teeth / lips

    How did you use it?: Before Exercise

    "I clearly got a container from a bad batch. Had to return and also contacted cellucor directly. The blue colouring stained my teeth and lips and I also had a very upset stomach for several days. There was also no noticeable energy boost from using this batch. And not to be too descriptive but the blue colouring / die travelled ALL the way through my digestive system.
    I have used the product for over 5 years and never had an issue like this, so I'm hoping it's a one off, but I am definitely turned off using it for now."

    Would you buy this product again? No

    Flavours Rating
    Icy Blue Razz (Original Formula)   5