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    Rachelle   Reviewer Rank #350

  • Product Name: Goddess Garden Natural Sunscreen SPF 30, Continuous Spray, 100ml

    2.2/10 Still searching for a good natural sunscreen...

    Effectiveness: 2/10

    (+) Convenient
    (-)  Not Effective

    How did you use it?: Not Applicable

    "I liked the idea of a natural spray sunscreen, for ease of application. However, this one missed the mark. Like all other chemical free sunscreens I have tried, it goes on pretty white. Not as bad as some, but still gives decent a white cast. And when my son went in the pool, it was just white streaks everywhere within seconds.
    I also did not find it to be effective, as he did get a sunburn, although this could be because it isn't in fact water resistant as stated."

    Would you buy this product again? No

  • Product Name: Vega One All-in-One Shake

    9.8/10 Great when blended with ice!

    Effectiveness: 10/10

    (+) Boosts Energy

    How did you use it?: Everyday,Every Morning

    "Vega One is very good when blended with ice, but mixed just in a shaker bottle with milk it is completely gross, in my opinion.

    I drink this every morning for breakfast. I blend it with ice, almond milk, and add collagen powder and MCT oil, and I don't feel hungry for ours. It gives me energy, and has excellent, clean ingredients.

    I have tried the following flavours:
    Mixed berry- probably the best flavour.
    Chocolate- Also very good, especially if you add a scoop of peanut butter.
    Mocha- Very Good, but the stevia in this one tastes stronger to me.
    Vanilla- Good, but better if you blend in berries or other fruit.
    Coconut Almond- Ok, but I get tired of this flavour more quickly than the others.

    Vitamart's price is the best! Especially if you can get it on sale!"

    Would you buy this product again? Yes

    Flavours Rating
    Berry (Original Formula)   9