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    Sophie   Reviewer Rank #747

  • Product Name: Life Choice Colloidal Silver Oral Spray (Homeopathic)

    10/10 Unique!

    Effectiveness: 10/10

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    "This is not your typical review.
    It's about my cat's nose that has been blocked and susceptible to infection/nasal discharge since he was a kitten. My furry boy needs a "nose flush" to stay away from antibiotics.
    I've heard about colloidal silver for immunity and topical applications. So I figured I could try it on him since antibiotics barely work for 2 weeks and make him sick another way... this preperation is unique because it's homeopathic. I mix a saline/soda solution with this product in a shot glass to prepare his nose flush with a seringue twice a week. Can you believe he's doing wonderfully considering this chronic condition.
    BTW The saline solution alone does not work as well, and other less expensive colloidal silver-Oh yes I tried cheaper brands!- do not work as well either.
    This review probably apply to you, but for me, I save tons on vet trips and medication."

    Would you buy this product again? Yes