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    Di   Reviewer Rank #334

  • Product Name: SD Pharmaceuticals Diindolylmethane DIM, 90 Capsules

    10/10 Good product

    Effectiveness: 10/10

    (+) Easy To Take,Good Value,good results

    How did you use it?: Everyday

    "I started taking DIM in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise to balance my hormones and reduce by estrogen dominance (I'm female) to hopefully help lose the extra stomach fat I couldn't seem to budge with over 3 years of regular exercise and clean eating. After a month of taking this there is a marked difference in how my clothes fit, particularly around the waist and arms. I also have more energy and my sleep has improved enormously from just after a couple of days of starting this supplement.
    If you do your research, this should be taken with a liver support supplement to help remove the excess estrogen - so I take in conjunction with Milk Thistle and also Vitex to help increase progesterone - something middle aged ladies are usually low in. In my mind, this trio is working fantastically. A good addition to a healthy lifestyle."

    Would you buy this product again? Yes

  • Product Name: PVL Glutamine, 100% Pure

    10/10 Great product

    Effectiveness: 10/10

    (+) Boosts Energy,Convenient,Easy To Take,Good Value,Mixes Well,Quickens Recovery Time,Tastes Great
    (-) a little too sweet

    How did you use it?: After Exercise,Everyday

    "L-Glutamine was recommended by our naturopath as a way to help boost our immune systems in preparation for cold and flu season and to help with adrenal fatigue. Two adults and three kids take in in our household on a daily basis - an no colds for over 8 months. I also use it to help recover from crossfit workouts and notice a marked difference in less muscle soreness and quicker recovery when I do take it. Everyone loves the taste, but I do find it a little on the sweet side but that's more of a personal taste."

    Would you buy this product again? Yes

    Flavours Rating
    Blue Raspberry   9