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CanPrev Digestion & IBS, 120 Vegicaps

by CanPrev

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  • Dairy Free
  • Non-GMO
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Expiry: November 2025

CanPrev Digestion & IBS Details

  • Relieves IBS symptoms and indigestion
  • Reduces gas, bloating and abdominal pains
  • Relieves acid refux
  • Improves gastrointestinal health
Whether you’re travelling abroad or spending an evening out with friends, the last thing you want to worry about is where the nearest washrooms are or doubt every dish on the menu. Poor digestion or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can be pretty inconvenient. It can also compromise your health by preventing you from absorbing all the nutrients you need.
IBS symptoms can be all over the map. Normally, muscle along intestinal walls contracts and relaxes to push food through. When you have IBS, the contractions are more intense and last longer, forcing food through quicker and giving you symptoms of gas, bloating and diarrhea. But the opposite can also be true – weaker muscle contractions cause food to stay in the colon longer, resulting in constipation. Some people actually experience both and suffer from extreme cramping, passing only mucous.
IBS sufferers need to stay vigilant. Frequent bouts of diarrhea can cut the absorption of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, all of which you need to stay healthy.
Pinpointing what triggers IBS can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Foods like chocolate, spices, fats, beans and even some fruits or vegetables can launch symptoms. Stress, hormonal changes in women during their menstrual cycles or intestinal bacterial overgrowth can also be culprits.
There’s no cure for IBS but there is help for reducing intestinal discomfort when it hits.
CanPrev’s Digestion and IBS is formulated to calm digestive disturbances. It contains a perfect blend of amino acids and antioxidants that nourish cells in intestinal walls and enhance gastrointestinal barrier function. Other ingredients work to deflate the uncomfortable feelings of fullness and bloating and support the complete digestion of food.
Making sure you have an optimum supply of beneficial bacteria is important when it comes to managing IBS, too. Pairing Digestion and IBS with CanPrev’s Pro-BiotikTM 15B can give you extra protection against symptoms of bloating and diarrhea.
Nutrition Facts
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 3 Vegetable Capsules
Servings per Container: 40  
Amount Per Serving
1150 mg
Quercetin 375 mg
Artichoke (cynara scolymus) leaf, 4:1   321 mg
Angelica Extract (Angelica archangelica) root, 4:1 150 mg
Bromelain Pineapple Stem 150 mg
Curcumin (curcuma longa) root 93 mg
Peppermint Extract (mentha x piperita) leaf, 10:1 60 mg
* Percent daily values are based on a 2000 calorie diet
  † Daily Value not established
Note: Serving Sizes are rounded to the nearest whole serving

Additional Ingredients: Vegetable-grade magnesium stearate, vegetable capsule, maltodextrin, silicon dioxide. No binders. No fillers.

Allergy Information: Do not use if you are pregnant or allergic to plants of Asteraceae/Compositae/Daisy family or if you have a bile duct obstruction.

Warning: As with any natural health product, you should consult a healthcare practitioner on the use of this product, especially if you are breastfeeding, taking any medication including anti-inflammatory agents, antibiotics, antiplatelet medication, anticoagulant agents or blood thinners or have a medical condition including anaemia, gallstones, excessive stomach acid, gastrointestinal lesions/peptic/stomach ulcer or on a low protein diet or before having surgery. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, UV light or UV therapy as ingredients may cause photosensitivity. Consult a healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen. Do not use if seal is broken. Keep out of reach of children. Hypersensitivity, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea have been known to occur; in which case, discontinue use and consult a healthcare practitioner.

Additional Ingredients

CanPrev Digestion And IBS, as its name might give away, is a supplement that promises to improve your digestive functions. People suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS all the time can find relief in this supplement. It is mostly made up of natural herbs and ingredients coupled with amino acids. Get to know more about the benefits of the ingredients loaded in CanPrev Digestion And IBS.

Ingredient #1: Curcurmin. CanPrev Digestion And IBS offers the various benefits of curcurmin or otherwise known as turmeric. Turmeric is a very popular cooking ingredient and a staple in Indian cuisine. Ayurvedic practitioners know that it has potent antioxidative benefits. It works in keeping the cells healthy and protected against free radicals. It also has anti-inflammatory benefits. It can help abate inflammation in the digestive system.

Ingredient #2: L-Glutamine. CanPrev Digestion And IBS is also made up of an amino acid called L-glutamine. Basically, it is a popular amino acid that works in supporting energy production. But as a treatment for digestive problems such as IBS, it can help in speeding up recovery. It lessens the frequency of IBS as well. This has also shown benefits in curing stomach ulcers as well.

Ingredient #3: Quercetin. Another benefit you can find in CanPrev Digestion And IBS is Quercetin. Just like curcurmin, this ingredient is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It can help reduce inflammation of the stomach caused by ulcers. It may even help get rid of stomach infection caused by bacteria and other micro organisms. You can also use this if you want to improve your immune functions.

Ingredient #4: Artichokes. Did you know that Artichokes are actually high in antioxidants? The manufacturers of CanPrev Digestion And IBS knew that. This is why they incorporated it in this supplement. It is capable of reducing cell death or apoptosis. In addition to that, it is also very beneficial to the digestive system. You can use this to prevent digestive ailments such as IBS. It also acts as a natural diuretic.

Ingredient #5: Angelica Archangelica. Since olden times, its root has been used as medicine. These are steamed, steeped or combined with other herbal remedies. CanPrev Digestion And IBS understands its many benefits. It actually helps provide relief to stomach cramps. It can also reduce bloating and stomach gas. Use this to correct indigestion as well.

Ingredient #6: Bromelain. Another reason why CanPrev Digestion And IBS is an effective supplement good for the digestive system is that it contains this ingredient. Since the 18th century, its ability to support the digestive system has been relied on. This is actually an enzyme complex you can find in fruits. What it does is break down proteins. This way, the small intestine will find it easier to absorb nutrients in the system.

Support your digestive system with the aid of CanPrev Digestion And IBS. This has natural anti-inflammatory properties that can abate intestinal walls inflammation. It also helps treat stomach ulcers. It is also a wonderful remedy when it comes to getting rid of infection in the stomach. It has natural diuretic properties as well. Use this to reduce stomach bloating and indigestion. To increase the break down of nutrients in the stomach, try the supplement CanPrev Digestion And IBS.

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