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Padded Lifting Straps Details

Padded Lifting Straps Highlights

  • 100% heavy-duty cotton with comfortable neoprene padding 
  • Extra length (23") and width for improved gripping 
  • Available in Solid Black

Padded Lifting Straps is a must-have sports product for active individuals out there. 

It has been designed specifically for the needs of weight lifters. Weightlifting involves a lot of risks. If you don’t have a good grip on the object you are lifting, you could injure your hands. In order to prevent this from happening, you would want to get something to support your hands. Check out its benefits and features of it.

It primarily helps you get a firm grip on the objects you are lifting. If you are having trouble getting a firm grip on weights that are too slippery, you would want to use this. It ensures that you will have a sure and secure grip on every object you are lifting. This way, you can reduce your chances of injuring your hands, joints or arms or twisting them because of poor grip.

Padded Lifting Straps allows you to lift heavy loads securely even when your hands are sweaty. 

Sweaty hands can hamper the weight lifting work of athletes and body builders. It is difficult to lift heavy and slippery objects if your hands are sweaty. Sweat can also accidentally drip on your hands and this might cause your hands to become slippery. You would want to secure a good grip on the object you are lifting even when you are sweating profusely with the help of this product.

Padded Lifting Straps can help keep injuries at bay.

Many athletes and body builders have to endure injuries as a result of weight lifting. As mentioned earlier, lots of injuries can happen if you are not careful. But there are times when accidents happen. You would want to reduce the likelihood of injuries by using a supportive product such as this lifting strap.

Padded Lifting Straps is unlike other similar products because it has longer length and width that can offer better gripping. 

This is a cut above the rest due to its longer length and width. It has 23 inches of extra length that can support your hands when lifting weights. With its improved size, it fits larger sizes easily.

Padded Lifting Straps has been crafted from 100% heavy duty cotton. 

Cotton is such a breathable material. It does not constrict your movements and does not make you feel like you are encased in constricting materials. It allows better flow of air to cool your skin down. It might also help you absorb sweat.

It has been padded with Neoprene. This product comes with a Neoprene padding. The padding prevents the straps from pricking your skin. This way, you can use this product with ease.

It is indeed a product that will be a great help to your active needs. It helps you get the best and the most secure grip on the heavy objects you are lifting. You will need this if you want to prevent injuries or damages. With its size, you can easily fit it to you hands. It has been crafted from 100% durable cotton so it is nice and comfortable. The manufacturing also took comfort to the next level by incorporating neoprene padding to Padded Lifting Straps. 

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Product Rating: 4.1/5

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