Bell Lifestyle Products focus on the principles of natural purity and unbeatable quality. Empowered by nature, the brand has developed supplements made from the best natural ingredients that have drastically improved people’s lives around the world.

From highly popular arthritis and joint supplements to natural products that help reduce blood pressure, you can enjoy the many benefits Bell Lifestyle Products have to offer. Made in Canada, the brand’s products are produced to the highest standards and won’t travel far to reach your door.

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Founder of Bell Lifestyle Products, Nick Jerch, suffered from debilitating arthritis and sciatica for over a decade. After pharmaceutical medications provided little relief from his chronic pain and resulted in multiple unpleasant side effects, Nick turned to natural supplements. This would ultimately change his life and lead him to found the company we know today.

Now, with over 20 years of success and ongoing research and development, Bell Lifestyle Products’ top-selling product is the one that helped its founder overcome his debilitating ailments. Bell Shark Cartilage for Joint Relief helps reduce pain associated with osteoarthritis and is a source of calcium for improved bone health, muscle function and nerve transmission. The unique inclusion of shark cartilage — with naturally occurring shark chondroitin — helps maintain structures, nourish cartilage and optimize joint health.

Of course, there are other products available in the range, including Bell Blood Pressure Formulation Combo, which is formulated with garlic and other herbs to help reduce blood lipid levels in adults. It can also effectively relieve symptoms associated with upper respiratory tract infections, making it a useful and versatile supplement.

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