The Importance of 30 Minutes of P.E

The Importance of 30 Minutes of P.E

When it comes to our kids, we leave no stones unturned to provide them with the best. Great toys, top-tier kiddie accessories, branded clothes, free-reign, and supporting their artistic capabilities—they name it, they have it.

However, these are things that tend to lose their spark over time. The gift of fitness on the other hand? That’ll stay with them for a lifetime. With the rise in sedentary lifestyles and the ever-growing rate of obesity, physical education has become the need of the hour. It’s no longer “one of the options” you take to keep your kid fit and healthy, it is now the only option available.

Physical Education Importance?

Physical education (PE) aims to help students develop their physical characteristics in a fun, positive, and nurturing manner. It allows us to be aware of the importance of daily exercise and how it can help our overall health and fitness.

Earlier, schools only focused on the education aspect. But the easy availability of junk food and reduced playtime thanks to the multiple gadgets available at kids’ disposal have contributed to a more expanded curriculum, with the prime focus being on PE. PE is not limited to running tracks or jumping hoops. Contrary to popular misconception, PE can help students build on a wide range of skills. Kids can learn to use tactics, develop and use strategies, and get creative with problem-solving.

Need of Physical Education


PE keeps students fit, energetic, and active. It’s an important aspect of student life, one that helps them both in and out of school.

Through a wide variety of games, activities, and sport, students learn teamwork and how to use it to their advantage. Teamwork is an essential life skill that can benefit students when they’re ready to find their place in the world and build their careers.

Additionally, PE also helps improve students’ decision-making process. They learn to weigh their options, look at the pros and cons, and make a calculated decision. PE, it would seem, aids both physical and mental improvement.

10 Benefits of Physical Education

PE has multiple benefits. It’s possibly the one area of education that does not stunt the physical and mental growth of a student and cause them unnecessary stress. Let’s take a look at the top 10 benefits of PE.

  1. Exercise helps build bone and muscle strength, reducing the chances of losing bone density considerably. Weakened bone density can pave the way for diseases like osteoporosis that make bones fragile, brittle, and porous.
  2. Regular exercise helps regulate the hormone levels in our body, thus lowering the chances of many types of cancers.
  3. We shed a lot of calories when we exercise. Exercise, when paired with a balanced diet, can help a student gain or lose weight.
  4. Physical exercise helps the heart pump blood more efficiently. It lowers the risk of developing chronic heart diseases.
  5. Exercise can boost focus and concentration by increasing the serotonin levels in the brain. Exercise also increases energy levels, providing mental clarity.
  6. Exercising provides stress-release. It also helps elevate our mood and helps generate an overall positive outlook towards life.
  7. Exercising tires you out which can help you sleep better at night and fight insomnia.
  8. Exercise fights the risk of developing diabetes by preventing sugar from accumulating in the bloodstream. Exercise forces muscles to use the additional glucose for energy.
  9. Exercise makes the walls of blood vessels more flexible and promotes healthy blood pressure levels.
  10. Exercise involves a healthy amount of breathing in and breathing out, which can make our lungs stronger.

Should 30 Minutes of Exercise Be Added to The School Day?

In an ideal setting, yes. This should range from moderate to vigorous exercise. The 30 minutes of exercise per day comes under the new obesity strategy, holding schools accountable for their student’s fitness and well-being.

PE can be carried out through:


  • Active break times
  • PE lessons


  • Sports and other physical activity
  • Before- and after-school extra-curricular clubs.

How Many Minutes Of P.E Does the Average Student Do?


Students should dedicate at least 60 minutes to PE every day. Unfortunately, this guideline isn’t followed. With pressure to excel in academics, students rarely find the time to exercise. Only 1 in every 3 students is able to meet the PE guidelines every day. This needs to change!

Should We Have PE Every Day?


PE helps students become more active. Students who exercise daily have better concentration and focus than those who exercise only once in a while.

Daily PE can benefit students in various ways. It can help give the students a much-needed boost of confidence and self-esteem, allowing them to perform exceptionally well both in and out of school. It can also teach them the importance of leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

How Does PE Affect Your Daily Life?

PE has a very positive impact on our daily lives. Not only can it help stress away but it can also help boost our confidence and mood.

Additionally, PE works miraculously in favor of our body. Along with fitness, it also increases the absorption of nutrients in our body, strengthens our body’s defenses against modern diseases, and improves organ health.

Why Is Physical Education Important for Youth?


With the sedentary lifestyles that we’ve been living and subconsciously advocating, keeping kids active is no small feat. With age, students tend to find it difficult to balance the physical and mental workload. Exercise can effectively help address this problem.

Moreover, depression and stress have become all too common among the youth. Regular exercise is known to help with it. PE boosts stamina, increases confidence, and helps the students perform well in their academics. Academics and PE, when working side by side, can significantly help improve a student’s overall lifestyle.

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