All About Liposomal Supplements

All About Liposomal Supplements

You might take supplements for a few different reasons, whether it's to help round out your health or prevent nutrient deficiencies. But have you ever considered which supplement form might be best suited to your specific health needs? There are so many different options available these days – capsules, tablets, liquids, powders, and more. Beyond that, you want to be sure that the nutrients you’re taking in are actually being absorbed into your bloodstream so you can get the most out of it.

That’s where liposomals come in. This form of nutrient delivery can be a great option for those with gastrointestinal issues, or those who have trouble swallowing capsules or are looking to try something new.

Read on to learn more about liposomal supplements and how they can support your health goals.

What are liposomal supplements?

Liposomal supplements use liposomes, which are nano-sized spherical containers or vesicles, to transport nutrients directly to our cells and tissues. These vesicles are protected by something called a phospholipid double layer, just like our cell membranes. A phospholipid structure is a semi-permeable structure that acts as a bubble around nutrients, protecting them from the harsh environment within our digestive tracts. This keeps the nutrients safe until the time comes when our bodies are ready to use them for various biological processes.

How do liposomal supplements work?

Have you ever wondered how our bodies absorb nutrients? Whether it’s from our food or the supplements we take, the nutrients we consume need to be able to pass through the intestinal lining to reach our cells, where our bodies can use them.
Seems simple enough, right? The truth is, things like digestive issues, low stomach acid, bacterial enzymes, and poor liver metabolism can all get in the way of nutrient absorption. And if the supplement we take gets too degraded on its journey through our digestive system, we can’t absorb enough of the nutrients by the time it reaches our intestines.
With liposomal supplements, the nutrients are found inside vesicles called liposomes. Within these vesicles are nano-sized containers called micelles, which carry the nutrients from the supplement directly to our cells and tissues. Additionally, the protection from the phospholipid double layer helps keep the nutrients viable until they reach their final destination. This means that a higher percentage of the supplement can be used by the body, ultimately offering a quicker and more effective nutrient delivery process.

Where do I start?

If liposomals sound like a good fit for your health goals, try one of CanPrev’s Liposomal supplements.
We offer a wide variety of supplements in liposomal forms that each come in delicious flavours and are gluten, dairy, and GMO-free. You can choose from Melatonin, NAC, Curcumin 100, Vitamin C 1000, Coenzyme Q10, Magnesium 50, and Milk Thistle.

What makes CanPrev liposomals effective?

We’ve put a lot of thought into creating our liposomal supplements, and there are a couple of different reasons why they’re unique:

  • Convenient consumption – CanPrev’s liposomals are absorbable enough on their own and can be taken with or without food.
  • Great for those with digestive issues – CanPrev packages its active ingredients in pre-digested micelles, making them easily absorbable, especially for those with digestive issues.
  • Smaller, more effective doses – Our liposomals have multiple layers of liposomes (like an onion). As each phospholipid layer is peeled away, the liposomes slowly release nutrients over a longer period of time. Through this sustained-release effect, your dose lasts the entire day.
  • Increased efficacy and results – With these extra layers of protection, our liposomal supplements are also less likely to degrade or get lost in the digestive tract. This means they’re able to reach your cells before releasing the contents within them.

Whether you’re someone with digestive issues that wants to make sure they’re getting the most out of their supplement, or you’re just interested in trying something new, consider lipsomals! This form of nutrient delivery ensures superior absorption and sustained release, so you can get the most out of your daily dose.


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