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Bell Constipation Relief #28, 60 Capsules

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Bell Constipation Tea in Capsules Testimonials

What a relief have now regular bowel movement 1-2 daily!

I had problems with constipation for 20 years. Bran, prunes and laxatives were not satisfactory anymore. I Took Bell Constipation Tea in Capsules #28 for 1 week before it began to work daily with 1-2 soft bowel movements. I am now also using other Bell products.

-Maureen Vanarnhem, 59, Lions Head, ON

Constipation tea in capsules gave regularity I needed!

Last 3 years I had constipation problems. Within a week after taking Bell Constipation Tea in capsules #28 I had the natural regularity I wanted. Other products gave me diarrhea.

-Jason H. Kilburn, 35, Lebanon, OH

Constipation capsules working best!

I have had constipation problems for 2 years and tried many things. Bell Constipation Capsules #28 worked better than anything else that I have taken.

-Beatrice Emery, 79, Oklahoma City, OK

Only product that works for me with no side effects!

I had constipation problems for 14 years. I have tried many products. Even Senna teas caused extreme pain in my lower abdomen. Bell Constipation Tea in capsules #28 is gentle on my digestive tract and bowels. It absolutely works. This tea is a miracle relief.

-Margaret Murdock, 61, Lewisville, OH

No more constipation, back to normal

I have been plagued with constipation for the last 5 years. Bell Constipation Tea in Capsules #28 helped me within 3 days to feel normal again. First few days I took one capsule in the afternoon and one at night. Now I’m just taking the one at night.

-Ginny Orr, 56, Maple Ridge, BC

Helped with celiac disease and calmed stomach!

I have had celiac disease problems for 25 years. This Constipation Relief Tea in Capsules #28 is a terrific product. It has helped like you would not believe. At first I took 1-2 capsules a day. Now I need only one in the evening when I feel bloated and constipated. By morning I feel like a new person.

-Patricia A. Barry, 43, New Germany, NS

No more constipation problems!

I had problems for 7 years and tried all kinds of things including lately and orange flavored, gritty drink. Taking one capsule before bedtime is so much easier and works gently and regularly. I’m glad I found this product.

-S. A. Johnson, 50, Jenkins, MN

Works without harsh side effects!

I’ve had stool blockages, cramping and pain for over 10 years. Since taking Bell Constipation Tea in Capsules #28 it worked the first day and continues to do so. It is all natural and works with my system without harsh side effects that come with all other laxatives I took. It has been a wonderful aid to keep me regular and feeling good.

-Sue Johnson, 52, Jenkins, MN

I have now finally soft bowel movement!

Since childhood I had problems with bowel movements because of my irritable bowel syndrome. Bell Constipation Relief #28 in capsules is so mild and gives me regularity once or twice a day. I feel so much better since taking these capsules for the last 3 months. A wonderful product.

-Marcia Zabolotneg, 61, Kayville, SK

I’m 48 and suffered since childhood with bowel problems!

I was diagnosed with M+AU and made many food adjustments, which the doctor said would be the cause. Nothing helped until I went on self-help by getting Bell Constipation Tea in capsules #28. It gently cleans my bowels and soothes them as well. I’m also using Bell Carpal Tunnel Syndrome #30 and it does wonders for my wrist pain. I thank you so much.

-Linda Critchley, 48, Campbell River, BC

Bell Constipation Tea in Capsules Details

  • All natural ingredients.
  • Formulated to help ease constipation gently and naturally.
  • Helps to improve bowel health and promote regularity.
  • Acts as a natural, mild laxative.
  • Easy to take capsules.
  • Helps relax the stomach and colon system nerves to reduce acid reflux.
  • GMO free and allergen free.

Constipation Relief Tea in Capsules is a natural,  mild laxative. This natural, multi-herb formula helps to lubricate the intestines and relax the stomach nervous system. This supports the easy release of flatulence out of the colon system. At the same time, it helps fight intestinal infection, worms, and manages inflammation in the entire digestive system. In effect, it helps keep stools soft, support the gallbladder, and promotes healing of duodenal ulcers.

Proper elimination is extremely important for a healthy body. If you don’t have a bowel movement every day, you’re probably constipated. Constipation can be a result of several factors, including insufficient enzymes and good bacteria in the gastrointestinal system, dehydration, inadequate fibre intake, stress, and ignoring your natural urges. Being constipated can wreak havoc on your immune system, because the toxins that your body is trying to get rid of can be released back into the system. Proper elimination does not start in the colon. You’re entire digestive system has to work in balance. Many people who drink excessively become constipated due to dehydration and the destruction of intestinal flora (good bacteria).

Nutrition Facts
Turkish rhubarb, Molasses, Buckhorn bark, Barberry, Chickweed, Uva ursi


Additional Ingredients

Bell Constipation Relief Tea Capsules is their Constipation Relief Tea product in capsule form. It also offers roughly the same benefits but in a more convenient and easier to use package. If you want to experience the same benefits offered by their product, Bell Constipation Relief Tea Capsules is a good supplement to try. Now is the best time to learn more about it.

What benefits can Bell Constipation Relief Tea Capsules offer? This supplement has been formulated to help support digestive functions. It can be used to treat constipation and provide an alternative solution to laxatives. Using this supplement can help normalize bowel movements. The fibers in it help round up toxins in the system and flush them out of the body before they turn rancid and cause flatulence.

What makes Bell Constipation Relief Tea Capsules different from ordinary laxatives? More than ordinary laxatives, it also helps prevent the likelihood of infection and inflammation in the colon and stomach lining. In fact, it has also been equipped with the natural ingredients that might aid in the preventing of peptic ulcer. Ordinary laxatives cannot do that. Moreover, it does not have residual effects and you don’t have to worry about experiencing the need to go to the bathroom during unlikely hours.

Who should try using Bell Constipation Relief Tea Capsules? People afflicted with chronic constipation should consider using this supplement. Regular intake of this can effectively regularize bowel movements. Also, if you are frequently stressed out and its effects show on your bowel movements, this might help. It relaxes the stomach nervous system to improve stool discharge.

Why should you go for Bell Constipation Relief Tea Capsules? Why this product and not other products and laxatives that are easier to acquire from the pharmacy? That is because it offers benefits free from side effects. It works naturally. It promotes normal bowel movements, not heavy discharges that you can’t rely on. As a solution in promoting digestive functions, it seems to be more ideal for the modern day individual.

What ingredients have been in Bell Constipation Relief Tea Capsules? This supplement features natural ingredients such as molasses, Turkish rhubarb, buckhorn bark, barberry chickweed and uva ursi. These have been tried and tested and found beneficial in keeping digestion reliable.

How do you take Bell Constipation Relief Tea Capsules? The recommended dosage is two capsules taken before hitting the sack. Drink it with a glass of water or milk and you are good to go.

A supplement like Bell Constipation Relief Tea Capsules can help offer digestive comfort. With its help, you can finally put an end to chronic constipation caused by poor digestive functions. Compared to laxatives, it offers more benefits such as prevention and treatment for inflammation and infections. This supplement should be tried by people afflicted with chronic inflammation. It helps promote good over-all digestive functions. You can find only natural ingredients in this product. Just make sure you follow the right way of taking Bell Constipation Relief Tea Capsules.

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