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Bel Marra Health

Bel Marra Stomach Rescue, 60 Capsules

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Bel Marra Stomach Rescue Details

Protect your stomach lining from the harsh effects of stomach acids.

Stomach Rescue is the ideal natural remedy to protect your stomach lining from the harsh effects of stomach acids.  Besides protecting the stomach lining, this unique formula also acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps reduce stomach pains and gas.

Shields stomach lining and eases gastric discomfort

Health Benefits:

  • Prevents gastric irritation
  • Protects stomach
  • Cools the stomach
  • Helps relieve bloating

Note From Victor Marchione, M.D.

Dear Friend,

You avoid your favorite meals—or splurge and regret it later when embarrassing gas strikes and bloating makes your clothes too tight. And oh, the heartburn...

That gnawing pain can leave you tossing and turning instead of getting the good night's sleep you deserve. Even staying regular is a big challenge. One week you wonder if you'll ever "go" again, then the next you're suffering diarrhea and feeling like a prisoner in your own bathroom!

Most of us search for a solution by trial and error. You swallow handfuls of antacids or Pepto Bismol™ every day. You avoid "gas-causing" foods like beans or use fiber, laxatives and probiotics, yet nothing provides the help you need.

As a board-certified M.D. for over 25 years, I've seen this digestive disaster happen to so many patients. This is what I tell them...

Stop the trial and error and relieve your upset stomach misery!

In this Special Report you'll learn how the very latest nutritional science is helping hundreds of patients ease stomach pain... reduce gas and bloating... wipe out heartburn and irritable bowels fast.

Even more exciting, solving all of your digestive woes is finally easy thanks to ONE remarkable breakthrough that repairs, strengthens and protects your entire digestive tract like nothing I’ve seen before.

Best of all, you just might turn your whole life around...

I'm talking about soaring energy, freedom from pain, better sleep, even a healthier heart! Research performed at Harvard shows a healthy gut is increasingly important to your overall health. I urge you to keep reading...

Most of us have stomachs that are crying out for help

Gas, indigestion, bloating, abdominal pain and diarrhea. The embarrassment. The discomfort. And worst of all, the inconvenience.

So many of us have stomachs that are crying out for help. Yet most doctors are shrugging off common digestive woes as problems of aging or diet that you just have to live with.

Don't worry, they couldn't be more wrong!

More and more medical studies are linking digestive health to the health of your joints, the health of your immune system, even the health of your heart.

We're discovering that many of today's most common health complaints: joint pain, fatigue, foggy thinking and sleeplessness are directly related to digestive distress.

Getting to the bottom of gas, indigestion, bloating, cramps and diarrhea should be every doctor's #1 priority. Yet many are satisfied with treating the symptoms while you're left suffering.

Thankfully, there's new hope...

Over 25 years experience with patients and the latest research from leading medical journals such as The Lancet and the American Journal of Gastroenterology has convinced me that there's only one way to relieve digestive distress. And it has nothing to do with popular remedies that everyone thinks you should be taking.

Disappointed by digestive remedies that don't work?

You know what I mean: antacids, fiber, probiotics, and even radical food elimination diets. They’re all failing you and let me tell you why...

When you pop an antacid or some Pepto Bismol™, heartburn, gas and bloating go away temporarily only to return the next day. Folks love to blame it on spicy, fatty food but the truth is, when you solve the root cause of gas and bloating you can eat what you want and enjoy your favorite foods again without worry!

The root cause of heartburn, gas and bloating is NOT your stomach acid like you hear on television!

The Mayo Clinic, ranked number one for digestive disorders in the U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals rankings, documents it.

They report that your stomach is crying out for help because of a damaged stomach lining. This delicate lining is easily damaged by age, by prescription medicine, even by the very antacids you’re taking for relief!

Likewise, when abdominal pain and diarrhea have your bowels in a vice grip, antacids won't help. Neither will Pepto. Even probiotics fail. That's because none of these solve the root cause of irritable bowel symptoms.

This time it's not your stomach's lining, it's your intestines. Research reported by the Mayo Clinic documents that muscle spasms and inflammation in the intestinal tract are the root causes of irritable bowels.

That's why I rely on one natural solution for any type of digestive distress...

It's the only one that I've ever found that can DEFEAT THREE MAJOR CAUSES of an upset stomach so regularity returns and digestion works like a dream. Its ingredients are scientifically documented to:

  • Repair stomach lining damage to wipe away heartburn, gas and bloating for 89%!
  • Strengthen your intestinal tract against inflammation to relieve diarrhea for 70%
  • Protect against painful muscle spasm to fight abdominal pain and constipation for 83%

It's called Stomach Rescue.

In the next few minutes you'll see how this new natural solution can rescue you from weeks, months even years of feeling like a prisoner in your own bathroom. It can give you back your spontaneous lifestyle to... enjoy any food you want (yes, even baked beans!)... sleep through the night without pain… run errands confidently with no bathroom in sight.

In fact, you'll feel great after eating: satisfied, comfortable, energized and regular—the way nature intends you to feel.

Your life will improve in so many ways when you don't have to worry about a problem stomach anymore...

You will have the freedom to go out to eat with family and friends. You'll have more vigor to do the things you love. Even your health can improve: good digestion is critical for your body to absorb all the nutrients and medications it needs to stay healthy.

Best of all, excellent digestion, can keep you feeling young by preventing pain and illness.

Research shows 70% of your immune system is located in and around your digestive tract. When your digestive tract is healthy, every joint, organ and system in your body can remain younger and healthier longer. There’s not a better way to feel and look great.

Here's what's really going on...

Numerous studies in leading medical journals confirm that a common, spiral shaped bacteria we now call Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) is often the culprit. The famed Mayo Clinic Health Letter reports...

"The bacteria damage the acid-tolerant lining of the stomach, allowing stomach acid to
reach more sensitive tissue underneath. The result is irritation."

It turns out H. pylori survives protective stomach acid that kills many bacteria. H. pylori produces substances that allow it to penetrate the protective mucus of your stomach lining. Like a Trojan horse it enters and releases compounds that weaken the stomach lining and make it susceptible to the digestive action of stomach acid—essentially turning your stomach's first line of defense on itself! The result is burning pain.

Estimates show a surprising two-thirds are infected!

The Centers for Disease Control reports that H. pylori infection is widespread. Besides pain, H. pylori increases your risk of heartburn, gas, bloating and nausea. That's why you need Stomach Rescue now more than ever...

While H. pylori can survive stomach acid, it can’t survive Stomach Rescue's active ingredient, zinc-carnosine. Numerous clinical studies show zinc-carnosine helps defeat H. pylori and relieve symptoms such as heartburn, nausea, upset stomach, belching and bloating.

Finally, Finally, Finally! One natural solution that solves the 3 major causes of ALL of your digestive problems...

Stomach Rescue's natural ingredients are scientifically documented to get to the root of gas, bloating, abdominal pain, constipation and diarrhea. That’s unlike any digestive remedy you’ve ever tried.

Let me ask you, when your digestive aid only covers up your symptoms of your digestive distress what good is it?

Try solving all of your digestive problems with fiber or laxatives? You’ll ease constipation but make gas, bloating and diarrhea worse.

Over-the-counter diarrhea medicine? You can wind up in pain and backed up for days.

Even antacids can't do it. Plus, they’re riddled with side effects such as nausea, constipation and yes, even more heartburn! Not even the strongest probiotics can tackle all of your digestive problems.

But Stomach Rescue solves all three problems ruining your digestion, the only solution I know of that does.

Digestion Problem #1- Stomach Lining Damage

Your stomach lining is the only barrier between your delicate stomach tissue and potent hydrochloric acid.

Hydrochloric acid, also known as stomach acid, is essential for breaking down food into nutrients. It's so concentrated that if you placed one drop on a piece of wood it would eat right through! It would do the same thing to your stomach if it wasn't for its lining.

Thankfully, your stomach is protected by a lining of mucous-coated cells which neutralize the acid on contact. It's like pouring water on a fire.

A healthy stomach lining is critical for easy, pain-free digestion. Yet I challenge the world that you couldn’t find 1,000 people who have a healthy stomach lining!

A number of studies published in leading digestive medical journals document how your stomach lining is easily weakened by age, bacteria, antibiotic use, alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, even caffeine from your morning coffee.

As your stomach lining weakens, stomach tissue is vulnerable to damage from stomach acid. One of the first warning signs is painful heartburn, gas and bloating. While most people reach for a daily antacid, please understand...

Users Suffer MORE THAN TWICE the digestive complaints!

A study at Stanford University documented that people taking antacids and prescription stomach acid blockers suffered MORE THAN TWICE the digestive complaints than those not taking the drugs.

Even the Physician's Desk Reference reports antacid use can lead to bacterial overgrowth in the digestive tract, which causes smelly gas and painful bloating.

If that's not enough, some antacids contain aluminum, a toxic heavy metal, which has proven to be absorbable by the body. Others contain calcium carbonate, which is a form of calcium linked to kidney stones and other medical problems.

This popular "solution" creates a breeding ground for bacteria!

Numerous studies, including one in the Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology, found antacids actually make stomach damage lining worse, therefore causing more pain, gas and bloating. Researchers found that temporarily blocking stomach acid with antacids allows bacteria to grow and damage your stomach lining.

It's why I rely on Stomach Rescue.

Instead of suppressing stomach acid that your body needs, its active ingredients are shown in clinical studies to repair stomach lining damage. In one of the most impressive studies, researchers used a tiny camera to examine peoples’ stomach lining. They documented significant improvement. But the best results happened at mealtime...

Real relief without avoiding your favorite foods!

Remarkably, people began feeling relief from heartburn, gas and bloating after eating. They didn't avoid any of their favorite foods, yet in as little as three days they began seeing improvements. In fact, by the end of four weeks a whopping 89% reported dramatic relief!

Imagine, going out to dinner and ordering anything on the menu without having to worry about gas. And sleeping soundly that night without being woken up by abdominal pain or heartburn. Even your clothes fit better when you’re not bloated. You can enjoy all of this because Stomach Rescue also relieves...

Digestion Problem #2- Muscle spasms of the intestinal tract

Abdominal pain with diarrhea or constipation is the #1 digestive complaint people tell their doctor. For years doctors blamed irritable bowels on stress, but now we know a main cause is really muscle spasm.

Your intestinal tract is made up of muscles They contract and relax in a coordinated rhythm as they move food through to your rectum... The intestinal tract is twenty feet long, yet its muscles were stretched flat they would equal the length of a football field—100 yards! They can spasm and cause pain and either speed the passage of food resulting in diarrhea or slow it down causing constipation and bloating.

Many doctors recommend avoiding spicy and fatty foods, as well as beans, broccoli, even cauliflower. It may help, but it's hard work! The best solution I've found is Stomach Rescue.

Soothes and calms your gut reports the Lancet...

That's because Stomach Rescue's active ingredients are scientifically documented in prestigious medical journals like the Lancet to calm muscle spasms of the intestinal tract. An incredible 83% enjoyed more regularity and less diarrhea without changing their diet.

Imagine how great it will feel to enjoy your favorite dinner without concern for an irritated bowel. Stomach Rescue can offer you the first real relief you’ve had in years because in addition it solves...

Digestion Problem #3- Inflammation of your intestinal tract

Inflammation and irritated bowels also go hand in hand. That’s the problem with most remedies for constipation and diarrhea, they can’t do a thing for the inflammation. Let me explain...

When the walls of your intestine become inflamed, cells secrete large amounts of water and salt. As a result, you suffer cramping and loose stools. Worse, inflammation is a double whammy, also causing constipation.

It's documented by The Mayo Clinic that inflammation can cause the walls of your bowel "to swell and eventually thicken with scar tissue. This affects the normal movement of food through your digestive tract." As a result you can experience pain, cramping and constipation.

Getting rid of inflammation is the secret to getting rid of both diarrhea and constipation!

I've never found a better way to relieve intestinal inflammation than Stomach Rescue.

Studies show it's active ingredient lowers levels of inflammation causing enzymes. An incredible 70% of people reported "definite or some improvement" in their irritable bowels.

In fact, EVERY ingredient in Stomach Rescue is grounded in science. This brand-new, natural formula is unlike any digestive remedy you've ever tried...

Clinical Studies Confirm the WORLD'S GREATEST Digestive Remedies...

When it comes to the misery of daily gas and bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea and constipation, you need help with the greatest speed, the longest-lasting results and the science to back it all up. While there are a lot of over-the-counter digestive aids, only a small handful fit this bill...

Japanese Stomach Lining Saver— Now Available in the U.S.!

Since 1994 Japanese doctors have used a unique natural combination to relieve heartburn, gas, bloating, sour stomach, abdominal pain and constipation that is virtually unknown to doctors in the United States...

It's the amino acid carnosine with the mineral zinc.

Zinc levels are often low in people with digestive distress. That’s because inflammation in the bowel can decrease your absorption of zinc. It's bad news since zinc is vital to tissue repair and preventing inflammation. Yet zinc must be absorbed daily from food or supplements because your body has no way to make or store it.

Taking zinc alone can go along way to improving your digestive health. But add the muscle tissue builder carnosine and zinc becomes a stomach saving powerhouse.

Over 20 published studies document its power to erase digestive distress like nothing we’ve seen before...

The research includes human clinical studies that confirm zinc carnosine complex repairs the delicate lining of your stomach and intestinal tract in two ways. First, it survives stomach acid. Second, it attaches to the mucous membrane in the intestine, reducing inflammation and supporting membrane cells to grow strong.

How? Scientists believe carnosine acts like a magnet, attaching the zinc directly to damaged areas in the stomach and intestinal lining where it remains for long periods of time. Ordinary zinc alone won’t do it.

One of the most impressive double-blind clinical studies took place in patients suffering digestive distress at 53 medical centers across Japan. At the end of four weeks...

  • 75% reported LESS heartburn
  • 89% reported LESS bloating
  • 70% reported LESS nausea
  • 83% reported LESS sour stomach
  • 87% reported LESS abdominal pain

Real Relief AND Photographic Proof...

In addition to these amazing results, researchers used a tiny camera called an endoscope to examine each patient's stomach lining before and after the study. After the study nearly 75% showed "significant improvement" in stomach lining health.

It's remarkable! Yet most doctors don’t even know about zinc carnosine complex. Most of the research was performed in Japan and published in medical journals there. It could take years for this discovery to trickle down to doctors in the west. But you don't have to wait...

Stomach Rescue gives you the clinically documented 150mg of zinc-carnosine complex to help repair and protect your delicate stomach and intestinal lining and relieve digestive distress.

#1 Irritated Bowel Buster: "The Indian Solid Gold"

You can thank the bright yellow spice turmeric for giving mustard it's bright yellow color. But long before mustard was slathered on a hotdog, people were thanking turmeric for erasing digestive distress. In fact, turmeric has been heralded for good digestion for over 4,000 years in India. It's so valuable researchers in one medical journal called it "The Indian Solid Gold."

Here’s why...

Studies show concentrated turmeric contains curcumin, which lowers levels of enzymes proven to ignite inflammation. In addition, it reduces levels of inflammatory cytokines. Finally, it scavenges health-destroying free radicals produced by inflammation.

If that’s not enough, curcumin (turmeric) stimulates the gallbladder to produce bile, a digestive juice critical for breaking down hard-to digest fats.

"First REAL relief in nearly a decade!"

In a randomized pilot study of 500 patients suffering irritable bowels, 57% experienced improvement in abdominal pain, diarrhea and constipation over eight weeks. Even more remarkable, patients continue to improve after the study ended with 70% reporting improvement in their irritable bowels, with one patient reporting his first real relief in nearly a decade!

Results are so well documented that the German Commission E has approved turmeric for the relief of digestive problems in Germany. Now you can experience the same relief in Stomach Rescue. This revolutionary formula contains a concentrated, standardized extract of turmeric.

Cooling, Calming Abdominal Relief Documented in the Lancet

The last time you went out to eat you may have enjoyed a peppermint after your meal. It's a minty, cooling American tradition that's actually rooted in medical science...

The National Institutes of Health is reporting on medical science documenting how peppermint can relieve digestive distress. Their report includes a study from the famed medical journal The Lancet confirming peppermint’s ability to curb gas, bloating, heartburn and abdominal pain.

It's not surprising since the use of mint to curb digestive upset dates back thousands of years to ancient Greece. But today the research reveals something brand new...

Stops abnormal intestinal spasms in clinical study

The walls of the intestines are lined with layers of smooth muscle that contract and relax as they move food from your stomach through your intestinal tract. When the contractions become stronger and last longer than usual, food is forced through too quickly causing gas, bloating and diarrhea.

Peppermint to the rescue! That study in The Lancet documents peppermint's remarkable ability to relax the smooth muscle of the digestive tract and stop uncomfortable contractions.

But peppermint candy won't do it. Neither will the herb. The secret is...… peppermint oil

Five double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials on peppermint oil published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology confirmed real, lasting relief for people suffering irritable bowels.

But Stomach Rescue doesn't stop here...

"Royal" Secret Alleviates Indigestion

The tiny caraway seed is big in folklore. As one tale goes the seed has the power to prevent the theft of any object that contains it. Another one states caraway can keep lovers from losing interest in one another.

But it was Ancient Egypt's use of caraway as a food flavoring that revealed it's true power: to settle the stomach, relieve gas, bloating and virtually all forms of digestive distress. Even England’s second Queen Ann Boleyn reportedly gave King Henry the VIII caraway seeds coated with sugar to alleviate his indigestion at dinner!

Today clinical studies document that caraway oil, much like peppermint oil, relaxes the smooth muscles of the digestive tract to relieve digestive distress.

In fact, when you combine caraway oil and peppermint oil, its power is unprecedented. Four separate double-blind, placebo-controlled, clinical studies show that together they can:

  • Relieve abdominal pain—even pain rated as "severe"
  • Reduce the feeling of pressure, bloating, and fullness
  • Decrease sour or upset stomach

In every study there were no serious side effects. That's a big advantage over antacids that can interrupt digestion and over time, worsen indigestion. And prescription drug treatments that have caused diarrhea, even heart damage!

Is Digestive Distress Making You SICK?

Research reported by Harvard documents that the health of your digestive system is increasingly important to your overall health.

One reason is that 70% of your immune system is located in or around your digestive tract. It's called gut-associated lymphatic tissue or (GALT). And its job is to protect you from disease-carrying microbes and allergy-causing food molecules.

That's why for years now, I've been warning everbody about the importance of a healthy gut and the dangers of digestive distress.

How stomach problems can damage your health...

You might never imagine that joint and muscle pain, memory problems, high blood sugar, fatigue, poor immune function even heart problems could be signs and symptoms of an unhealthy gut. Yet I can cite study after study linking these problems to an inflamed and damaged digestive tract...

  • Heart Problems: Last year in the International Journal of Cardiology researchers found intestinal damage was common in patients suffering serious heart problems.
  • Joint and Muscle Pain: A study performed at the famed University of Oxford in England confirmed stomach damage leads to joint and muscle pain.
  • High Blood Sugar: Research published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences has linked intestinal damage to high blood sugar and insulin resistance.
  • Depression: Research published in the journal Gut Pathogens chronicles decades of studies linking intestinal damage to depression.
  • Fatigue: And Newsweek Magazine published a three-year survey of unexplained fatigue sufferers found the common link was infection from a water-born parasite known to damage the intestine.

The list could go on and on. Dozens of studies on today’s worst health problems, and they all have one thing in common: Intestinal damage called "increased gut permeability" or leaky gut.

What is leaky gut?

A healthy intestine allows only nutrients to pass into the bloodstream. However, a damaged intestine lets incompletely digested fats, proteins and starches slip through, as well. Also sneaking through are bacteria and other microbes.

The body views them all as foreign invaders, triggering an immune response. That's when you experience food allergies, chronic inflammation, pain, fatigue, foggy thinking and eventually a long list of some of today's worst health problems.

How do you know if you're suffering leaky gut?

The first, telltale sign of leaky gut is chronic digestive distress such as abdominal pain, gas and bloating. You can also suffer alternating diarrhea and constipation. That's why even occasional digestive symptoms can't be ignored. Fortunately, getting to the root cause of leaky gut and solving digestive distress has never been easier.

Stomach Rescue's natural ingredients are clinically shown to help repair damaged intestinal lining, which decreases gut permeability. In other words, Stomach Rescue helps stop the passage of incompletely digested fats, proteins and starches, and also bacteria and other microbes that are behind your digestive distress!

Keeps You Feeling Young by Preventing Pain and Health Problems!

When your stomach lining and intestinal tract are healthy, your body can absorb the most nutrition from your food and supplements. In addition, it can prevent bacteria and other dangerous microbes from entering your bloodstream. With this one simple step you’re supporting the health of every joint, every organ and every system in your body so you can remain younger and healthier longer. There’s not a better way to feel and look great.

It's why I tell my patients to take Stomach Rescue every single day...

"Much to my surprise… many autoimmune diseases—among them, celiac disease, type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammatory bowel diseases—all have as a common denominator [abnormal] intestinal permeability." - Alessio Fasano, M.D., Director Mucosal Biology Research Center, University of Maryland School of Medicine

Relieve Virtually Any Digestive Problem And Stop the Hidden Cause of So Many Tough-to-Solve Health Issues...

Abdominal pain, gas, bloating, diarrhea and constipation are painful and embarrassing. Yet no matter what you try you’re still at the mercy of a problem stomach...a prisoner in your own bathroom!

The research from leading medical institutions is clear: just treating the symptoms isn’t enough. In addition to ruining your day, unsolved digestive woes can ruin your health.

As leading medical journals report, intestinal damage is being linked to today’s worst health problems. It's sapping your energy, hurting your joints, damaging your heart, draining your memory, even causing depression.

The solution is Stomach Rescue...

That's why I advise you to get to the root cause of your digestive distress. I looked for a remedy for my patients that had the greatest speed and the best results demonstrated in clinical studies. And the easiest, most effective way I’ve ever found is Stomach Rescue.

Stomach Rescue is the breakthrough natural formula that helps you solve the three major causes behind digestive distress. At last, you can eat, sleep and travel without the pain, embarrassment and inconvenience.

Stomach Rescue gives you all five of the world's greatest natural digestive remedies that are backed by decades of clinical research. These powerful natural ingredients are documented in research performed by leading research institutions and published in the Lancet and the American Journal of Gastroenterology. You get them all in one money-saving, easy-to-take formula.

Vanquished Heartburn, Gas and Bloating for 89%!

Ordinary digestive remedies only cover up digestive problems. But that's like cleaning the drain on your leaky sink and failing to fix the hole in the pipe. How much better to go straight to the problem in the first place!

That's how this remarkable formula works. It helps repair stomach lining damage, relieves intestinal spasm and intestinal inflammation documented to cause digestive distress. That's why I recommend Stomach Rescue to anyone suffering from a problem stomach.

Stomach Rescue will improve your life in so many ways by helping you:

  • Enjoy food without concern for gas and bloating
  • Sleep through the night without heartburn
  • Run errands confidently with no bathroom in sight
  • Relieve bloating so you feel comfortable in your clothes

But that's not all. It helps...

Keep You Feeling Young and Healthy!

By repairing, strengthening and protecting your entire gastrointestinal tract, Stomach Rescue is also helping protect your good health. It can help you maintain...

  • Maximum absorption of your foods, supplements and medicines
  • Pain-free joints and muscles
  • Healthy blood sugar
  • A strong, vigorous heart
  • Powerful immune defenses
  • High energy and a sense of well-being

Ends Your Digestive Misery - 100% Satisfaction!

Imagine going out for your favorite meal without worrying about gas. Sleeping through the night without heartburn or abdominal pain. Looking better in your clothes because your belly's not bloated. And enjoying easy regularity so you’re no longer trapped on the toilet.

You deserve relief. You can't enjoy yourself and be truly happy until your digestion runs smoothly. I urge you to take the simple step to relieve heartburn, gas, abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea and constipation instead of covering it up and making your life miserable.

Stomach Rescue is helping many people get relief from the various symptoms of digestive disorders. These people are now enjoying a life free from digestive complaints. If you too are suffering from issues like abdominal pains, diarrhea, gas, bloating or any other digestive disorder, take Stomach Rescue today. Your stomach will thank you for it.

Yours in Good Health,

Victor Marchione, M.D.

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Suggested Use

Take 2 capsules of Bel Marra Stomach Rescue daily or as directed by a health care practitioner. Take one capsule in the morning, and one in the afternoon. 

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value *
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 80 mg  
Peppermint (Mentha x piperita) seed oil powder     180 mg  
Zinc Carnosine 150 mg  
Turmeric (Curcuma longa L. (Zingiberaceae)) extract (25:1) 144 mg  
Caraway (Carum carvi)seed oil powder 100 mg  
* Percent daily values are based on a 2000 calorie diet
  † Daily Value not established
Note: Serving Sizes are rounded to the nearest whole serving

Additional Ingredients: Magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin.

Allergy Information: Hypersensitivity (e.g. allergy) has been known to occur; in which case, discontinue use. Avoid use if you have a known allergy/hypersensitivity to any ingredient contained within.

Warning: Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you have anaemia, gallstones, or bile duct obstructions. Hypersensitivity (e.g. allergy) has been known to occur; in which case, discontinue use. Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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