Balzacs Coffee Balzacs Blend, Marble Roast, 340g

by Balzacs Coffee

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Expiry: November 2022

Bold, rounded and generous — a gutsy cup.

Balzacs Coffee Balzac's Blend Marble Roast Details

Bold and balanced. Based on Honoré de Balzac’s own blend. Bold, rounded and generous — a gutsy cup. Careful: You might end up writing about it.

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Roasting coffee is where the magic happens. The final experience of coffee can be one of celebration or lamentation depending on what happens during the roasting process. Every single coffee in the world has specific flavour characteristics based on its country of origin, and these characteristics can be forever muted or dulled if the coffee isn’t roasted properly.

Balzac's Coffee use the state of the art technology found in Loring Smart Roasters to bring their coffees to life. The beauty of the Lorings is that they are known as the most environmentally friendly roaster on the market today, based on their design, which eliminates the need for a secondary afterburner system to deal with the naturally occurring smoke in the roast process.

Balzacs Coffee Balzacs Blend Nutrition Facts

100% Arabica Coffee
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