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AOR MyBlueprint DNA Test Details

MyBlueprint DNA-based Nutrition and Lifestyle Report combines cutting-edge genetic testing and our unique approach to evidence-based health to ensure that each customer’s report contains science-based results, wellness advice, and recommendations for some of AOR’s products for a truly orthomolecular approach to personalized nutrition.

It Tests For Keys In The Following Focus Areas:

Diet – how fats and carbs affect your risk of obesity and diseases such as diabetes
Sensitivities – learn your predispositions to common food sensitivities and ability to absorb nutrients
Specific Nutrient Needs – customize a diet and supplements plan based on your report
Physical Fitness – identifies your best exercise regimen and pre-disposition to injury
Mental Wellness – focuses on genes affecting cognition, stress, emotions, substance addiction
Detox – how quickly does your body remove toxins and what you can do to adjust
Obesity Risk – minimize your risk through our analysis and a personalized prevention strategy
Hormonal Health – focuses on your genetic predispositions around thyroid, estrogen and testosterone
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