Product Rating:
Overall: 3.8/5
Effectiveness: 4/5
Value: 2/5
Flavour Rating:
Overall5/5 (1)
Classic Mild Cheddar: -
Shells & White Cheddar: -
Shells with Real Aged Cheddar: 5/5 (1)
Rice Pasta & Cheddar: -
Organic Grass Fed Shells & White Cheddar: -
Organic Grass Fed Classic Mild Cheddar: -
Bunny Pasta with Yummy Cheese: -

Annie's Macaroni & Cheese, 170g

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Annie's Macaroni & Cheese Details

Classic Macaroni & Cheese

Macaroni and cheese, made Annie’s way. 100% real cheese, no artificial flavors, synthetic colors, or preservatives. A classic for the family!

Shells & White Cheddar

Introduced back in 1989, Annie’s Shells & White Cheddar is our original and best selling product. Annie created Shells & Cheddar (as we call it here) in her kitchen when she realized there was no all-natural, white cheddar macaroni & cheese on the market. She came up with a totally delicious product that is made with real white cheddar cheese and organic shell shaped pasta.

Shells & Real Aged Cheddar

Annie’s Cheddar Mac (as we call it!) is our answer to all those chemically orange colored cheeses out there. We’ve taken our original Shells & White Cheddar and added a little color to it, naturally! Our totally natural cheese is colored with a plant extract called annatto. Annatto has been used in tropical American cultures for generations to color foods such as butter, cheese and mustard. The annatto tree grows 20 to 30 feet in height and when its seeds are stirred in water, they produce orange annatto dye, also called achiote, to color foods. Annie’s Cheddar Macaroni and cheese is a great alternative for kids who need to have that “orange” cheese on their macaroni.

Gluten Free Rice Pasta & Cheddar

From the time of Annie’s first mac & cheese product in 1989, a small-but-growing group of you who are wheat & gluten-intolerant have suggested we produce a gluten free macaroni and cheese. It may seem a gluten free mac & cheese has been a long time in coming! Now our Gluten Free Rice Pasta & Cheddar is one of our most popular products.

Organic Grass Fed Classic Mild Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese

The same delicious taste of our Organic Classic Mild Cheddar with the goodness of cheese made with milk from grass fed, California cows with year round access to pasture.

Organic Grass Fed Shells & White Cheddar

Enjoy the delicious taste of our Organic Shells & White Cheddar with the goodness of cheese made with milk from grass fed, California cows.

Bunny Pasta Shapes with Yummy Cheese

Annie’s Bunny Shape Pasta with Reduced Sodium Cheese combines our yummy reduced-sodium cheese with fun bunny and carrot shaped pasta. We all know how hard it is to get kids to eat healthy, nutritious food, so we thought we’d help out all you frustrated parents by making our mac & cheese a little more fun. The bunny and carrot shapes were created in honor of Bernie, our favorite Rabbit of Approval. Now kids can have a totally delicious meal and enjoy eating it too!

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