Wynd Plus (Smart Personal Air Purification) Plus Air Quality Monitor (Ships From Supplier)

by Wynd (Air Quality Monitoring and Purification)

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Wynd Plus (Smart Personal Air Purification) Plus Air Quality Monitor

With Wynd Halo and Wynd Home Purifier, you can monitor and proactively remove everything from allergens, germs, and pollutants from your home. Halo has 10 sensors to monitor your health and comfort, and can automatically customize solutions to improve your environment. The Home Purifier is designed to output the most clean air of any purifier in its class so that you can healthy air in your entire home.

Trap and kill germs.

Wynd removes 99% of particles over 0.3 microns, including pathogen-carrying mucus. Using anti-microbial silver, it kills the infectious bacteria it captures. Protect yourself and give your immune system the support it needs.   

Breathe easy.

Wynd creates a bubble of clean air around you by removing dust, allergens, smoke, and pollution from your personal space. The Wynd medical-grade filter eliminates harmful particles from the air around you to help you stay healthy.

Goes where you go.

Wynd is the size of a water bottle, so it’s easy to use anywhere—in offices, hotels, cars, public transportation, and more.

Knows the air quality - and magically adjusts itself.

Wynd isn’t just an air purifier—it’s an intelligent personal air quality system. It monitors your environment and cleans as needed.
Wynd Plus (Smart Personal Air Purification) Plus Air Quality Monitor (Ships From Supplier)



Protects your lungs on the go.

The Wynd Air Quality Tracker continuously monitors the air around you and alerts you when it becomes unhealthy. The tracker senses particulate matter, such as allergens, tobacco smoke, bacteria, mold spores, and industrial pollution.

Geek out about your air.

Wynd gives you insights about the air around you so that you can make long-term improvements to your environment.
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