Genuine Health Clean Collagen Protein Bars (8 bars x 55g)

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Our bestselling clean collagen is now available in a delicious bar!
  • 14g PROTEIN
  • 9g FIBER

What's In It?

Each bar provides a daily dose (7g) of hydrolyzed collagen peptides to prevent against collagen loss, with an added protein boost from fermented pea protein and sesame protein,
healthy fats from sunflower seed butter, plus 9g of fiber (32% daily value) to keep you fueled for hours. 

Why Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, helping to keep our tissues elastic and healthy. Collagen keeps our joints functioning at their best and our skin, nails and hair in tip-top shape.
Beginning in our 20s, we start to lose our body’s precious collagen reserves. We can all benefit from supplementing with collagen. That’s why GENUINE HEALTH has made it easier than ever to get a daily
dose of collagen and protein in a delicious bar! 

Perfect For Those Trying:

  • to increase their collagen intake while on the go for a convenient and delicious serving of collagen and protein in one
  • to add a more satiating serving of collagen
  • to their diet
  • to be proactive about their health!

Genuine Health Clean Collagen Protein Bars (8 bars x 55g)

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