AOR Pro Andrographis, 120 Capsules

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AOR Pro Andrographis, 120 Capsules

Cold and Flu, UTIs and Gastroenteritis, Inflammatory Conditions:

AOR's PRO Andrographis contains a high dose, single nutrient for flexible dosing of the traditional Chinese cooling herb Andrographis paniculata. This herb has been attributed to reducing recovery times and susceptibility to numerous bacterial and viral infections, including: the common cold, intestinal infections, and urinary tract infections.
This formula provides immune support for individuals exposed to, or susceptible to infection by bacteria or viruses. It has been shown to clinically reduce the duration and severity of cold and flu symptoms with noticeable improvements within three days. Furthermore, its immune-regulating capacity reduces the frequency of infections as well as dependency on antibiotics.
Many of the andrographis formulas available have a low concentration of the active constituent andrographolides. AOR’s PRO Andrographis is standardized to include 33% andrographolides, equivalent to 6-9g of the raw herb.
Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

Ingredients: Per 2 Capsules Amount per Serving
Andrographis Paniculata
(Extract 15:1, 33% andrographolides)
600 mg

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose. Capsule: Hypromellose, Glycerin and Purified Water

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