8 Reasons You Should Use Creatine

8 Reasons You Should Use Creatine

When you are looking for a professional supplement, creatine should be at the top of your list if you are an athlete or hoping to improve your workout performance! The truth of the matter is that creatine is the most tested choice within a sports protein supplement throughout history, and it provides the greatest recovery benefits to all groups of people, no matter what your fitness or health goals may be.

In short, creatine is a substance naturally found within the cells of the muscles in the body, and skeletal muscles encompass 95% of creatine found in the body. Creatine is made of amino acids, which are combined by the liver to produce this component. Creatine can also be found within the diet through reputable sports supplements, often used for athletes and bodybuilders.

As a basic breakdown, here are the top benefits you can expect from creatine to enhance your fitness performance:

  1. Creatine can quickly improve performance without the use of steroids. If you are a competitive athlete or bodybuilder, then you may undergo drug screening, so you must be vigilant about the supplements that you take. Creatine can be used to supplement the diet to provide immediate benefits, especially for any athletes desperately needing to increase muscle mass. Creatine is not hormonal as a supplement, compared to other pro-hormones or legal steroids that may be taken by athletes.
  2. Creatine prevents fatigue. So many exercisers and athletes have a difficult time fighting away fatigue, especially if you exercise regularly. The benefit to creatine is that it rebuilds a key muscle fuel in the body called ATP, which is often depleted through exercise. In short, this causes serious fatigue, but creatine will naturally accelerate ATP replenishment within the body to promote immediate energy and recovery with minimal downtime.
  3. Creatine does not offer any side effects. The only changes that an individual may notice by taking creatine within their supplement is potential stomach discomfort, possible diarrhea, and bloating. Once creatine is integrated into the diet regularly, these digestive issues should subside. Creatine as a supplement will also induce the muscles to retain levels of water, so many bodybuilders hoping to bulk up can see an immediate benefit in weight gain. However, levels of hydration need to be watched vigilantly to prevent dehydration from the muscles retaining water.
  4. Creatine in a supplement provides high-intensity within an exercise program. As an athlete, this is something that is essential to quickly work to increase strength by being able to workout harder for a longer period of time. A creatine supplement also works to provide fullness within the muscles by increasing the muscle mass and minimizing workout downtime.
  5. Creatine can promote quick weight gain. If you are new to taking creatine within your supplement and hoping to immediately bulk up, this is the supplement that you are looking for. This is something that can be used by teenage boys hoping to gain weight in a healthy manner, and also by any athletes training for a competition needing to gain weight in a safe way. Creatine provides immediate weight gain benefits to bodybuilders, especially if you are on a hard gainer program. It is still important to adhere to regular workouts and use healthy supplements that contain creatine to have a positive experience in weight gaining.
  6. Creatine has been proven to prevent muscle fatigue. When you are working out through anaerobic exercise, the muscles create waste in lactic acid that causes soreness and fatigue. Creatine works as a supplement to help the body to depend less on anaerobic cycles in the muscles, which means less waste of lactic acid to cause soreness and fatigue. In short, you can expect this supplement to help you to have a quicker muscle recovery time with less soreness and fatigue as a result.
  7. Creatine can be used to enhance already existing muscle training. It is not advised for new weightlifters to begin to use creatine since it will be most retained by active muscles. However, once you have started building and cultivating muscle mass, creatine can be used for muscle training within a supplement to provide ample and obvious benefits. The bottom line is that creatine works on already trained muscle mass, and if you are not on a weightlifting or bodybuilding program, it will not offer you the benefits that you are looking for right away.
  8. Creatine improves muscular activity in runners. If you are a runner looking for the benefit of a supplement to boost muscle activity, creatine is exactly what you are looking for. Creatine again will work to eliminate waste products within the muscles that can affect long-distance runners. This type of supplement will dramatically improve performance, whether it be cross country running, sprinting, or running up hills.

The bottom line is that creatine will work to boost an already developed workout program. Bodybuilders and athletes do need to keep in mind that creatine does not provide the same benefits within a supplement if it is used on inactive or untrained muscle groups. The way to see the greatest results through the use of your creatine supplement is to begin training, and then use creatine to enhance and build the muscles that you have already formed.

No increase in body fat.

Furthermore, so many athletes prefer the use of creatine because it will enhance the bulk of their muscles without them having to worry about increasing body fat. This is something that all competitive bodybuilders and athletes are looking for since it is optimal to burn fat while increasing muscle mass significantly in a healthful manner, all through the use of creatine. The point is that this amino acid naturally created by the body boosts maximum muscle growth potential and physical performance, while eliminating excess stores of body fat. Creatine is popular for a reason, and it is commonly sold as the most in demand sports supplement on the market!

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