6 Reasons Why BCAAs Enhance Muscle Growth and Recovery

6 Reasons Why BCAAs Enhance Muscle Growth and Recovery

To break it down for you, the basic building blocks of muscle protein are amino acids. That is why it is so important within your supplement to get ample amounts of amino acids, especially for those who exercise regularly. Hard workouts and exercise will burn up the amino acids within the body, and if you don't replenish amino acids through supplementation, then you can experience fatigue or no progress in your fitness goals.

BCAAs are easily digested.

The best way to use amino acids within protein are as Branched Chain Amino Acids, otherwise known as BCAAs. BCAAs are made up of the three amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These amino acids will go directly into the bloodstream and do not require digestion by the body to promote the building of lean muscle mass. One other benefit to BCAAs is that they offer 70% of the nitrogen required by the body within a supplement.

Amino acids are necessary for your health.

One of the reasons to intake essential amino acids within your supplement is that they cannot be made naturally by the body. You can find them from protein sources, or even by combining certain vegetables and food groups. There are nine essential amino acids to be found, and your body also makes nonessential amino acids from vitamins and amino acids within the body.

BCAAs work as essential amino acids that are especially important to athletes because they are quickly metabolized to be used by muscle, instead of metabolized in the liver.
BCAAs will be rapidly digested after protein enters the body, so they can be used to build new proteins within the body or burned immediately to produce energy for muscle building.

Overall, there are six main benefits that BCAAs will provide to you for recovery and muscle growth:

  1. Endurance: This is a huge benefit to BCAAs because you can count on additional nitrogen delivered to the body through these proteins. This will work to offer glucose to the body after all glycogen storages have been exhausted. BCAAs provide the boost that you are looking for by helping you to train at a higher level for a longer amount of time. Using a supplement with BCAAs will help you to up your intensity and endurance by giving you the energy that you need within your diet. This is especially helpful for any bodybuilders or weightlifters on a low-carb diet because it will give you the fuel that your body normally needs from carbohydrates through BCAAs within your supplement.
  2. Quick Recovery: Another benefit to BCAAs is that they will help to increase the recovery rate of the muscles. Many athletes will feel less muscle soreness after beginning to use a BCAA supplement. This will assist in quick recovery after exercise by creating protein damage in the muscles, which helps them to grow and replenish to become bigger and stronger. The use of this type of supplement is the immediate size and strength that you have been looking for as a weightlifter or bodybuilder.
  3. Protein Synthesis: BCAAs also work to induce protein synthesis within the body to stimulate muscle growth. This means that even without weight training, you will see muscle benefits by using BCAAs. This type of supplement will increase insulin, testosterone, and the growth hormone within the body. BCAAs will also directly increase muscle mass, especially under circumstances of extreme exercise, like weight training.
  4. Enhance the Immune System: If you are constantly working out and training, it may be difficult to maintain your health and energy levels. BCAAs will work to boost the immune system to combat illness and preserve your strength. This will allow you to work out at a high intensity without risking getting sick, and BCAAs will also boost your immune function in the body. This provides an even quicker recovery time, as was discussed earlier, with less damage to your body.
  5. Prevent Muscle Protein Breakdown: This process is called an anti-catabolic effect, which means that less muscle protein in the body will be broken down for fuel. Instead, the BCAAs can be used themselves as fuel for the body so that less muscle protein is affected within exercise or weight training. This means more protein synthesis within the body to build an even greater amount of muscle mass. This will also cause the body to burn fat instead of muscle mass, which is eventually what you need for bulking up and creating even greater muscle benefits.
  6. Rapid Fat Loss: Using BCAAs within a supplement will help for quick fat loss by releasing deep fat storage within the body, called visceral fat. This is often something very difficult to target by dieters, but using these essential amino acids can help to regulate the diet and lose stubborn body fat. Studies have shown that wrestlers using BCAA supplements were more likely to lose the highest amounts of body fat, especially within the abdominal region. This is highly helpful since visceral fat within the abdominals can be very difficult to burn, even when you are weightlifting or training.

The bottom line is that BCAAs are essential to bodybuilders for quick muscle recovery, but they can often provide benefits for regular exercisers looking to burn fat, increase their workouts, and even build more lean muscle mass. This is something helpful for any competitive athletes or weightlifters, but even for an individual on an exercise program, building lean muscle mass through a supplement is a must if you want to burn more fat and slim down overall. BCAAs can be found in whey protein, egg protein, and protein rich foods within the diet, or as numerous choices in a stand-alone supplement. The bottom line is that BCAAs will help to burn even more body fat while building lean muscle mass for a dramatic improvement within your workout performance!

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